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Showtime Networks

Role: Video Production and Social Media Intern
Team: Josie Hannum, Chloe Knupp, Meredith Pong, Emma Slagle, Natalie E. Ruiz-Pérez
Developed: June - August 2019
Location: New York, NY
Brand Identity | Social Media | Promo Reel| Marketing | Gen-Z
Alongside my team of creatives, we developed two rebranding images for the corporate suite of Showtime Networks.

As part of the Sho & Tell brand, I developed new graphics with a bright color palette to accentuate Showtime's daring look and feel. I collected clips from old and new Showtime shows, presenting character shots with action and expressive faces. The purpose of the 30-second short promotional video was to innovate Showtime's look and feel in order to appeal to a younger, yet mature demographic. 


Sho&Tell Promo Reel

Redesigned Logo

Sho logo Insta 2short.png

Concept & Message

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"Showtime is a unique destination for those who seek boldness
in all aspects of their lives."


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Sho logo Insta red.png
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